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Conditions Admitted In Assisted Living Scottsdale Communities

Assisted living requires that an individual is still able to think and perform the basic activities of daily living. He should be able to understand instructions and remember what is dangerous or not. Cognitive ability is crucial in following the medical regimen, the doctor's orders, and the safety instructions within the institution. Physical and medical restraints are avoided in assisted living Scottsdale communities.

Cognitive impairment that typically occurs in Alzheimer's should be thoroughly assessed by a physician. Before the families agree on having an elder stay in such a facility, they must ensure that he will not cause harm to himself and to others. Since assisted living Scottsdale facilities are not based on a medical system but on a social model, the residents or their families should still be involved in his medical care. If the families believe that the resident's condition requires professional medical care, they should transfer him to a nursing home.

The signs and symptoms of the early onset of Alzheimer's are more often overlooked. These include the simple forgetfulness that can disrupt the way a senior person performs activities of daily living. It is often the case that the condition is not diagnosed until severe signs and symptoms manifest. Left undiagnosed, this progressive disease can cause behavioral changes and disorientation in time and place. At this point, the elderly might not be admissible to an assisted living Scottsdale facility.

Assisted living regulations vary from one facility to another. Others can admit people who experience incontinence, while others do not. People with nasogastric tubes do not qualify for assisted living as well. However, those who are in wheelchairs, use canes, or with ambulatory assistive devices can be admitted to assisted living Scottsdale facilities. In case of emergency and evacuation, like in cases of fire and flooding, residents should be able to leave the premises on their own or with minimal help from the staff.

Those who exhibit behavioral problems that can cause harm to the person himself and to others are not permitted to live in assisted living Scottsdale communities. These are places that are meant for a more sociable life and that respect privacy and autonomy at the same time. They are not replacements for other special care institutions like mental institutions for psychiatric patients and nursing homes for long term medical care.

Medical history and records should be presented before being admitted to an assisted living facility. Also, a family member should review the admission and discharge policies, before making a final decision. Giving reminders and additional instructions to the staff will also ensure that the elderly resident will get the appropriate treatment.


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