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How Can Siemens Audiology Group Help Your Hearing?

Siemens is a very large company (in fact, it's one of the largest in the entire world), and they create hearing products with all the cutting edge technology customers could want, with features like Bluetooth and Adaptive Hearing. The company has manufactured hearing aids for well over one hundred years, and they have products designed for adults and children.

Siemens is so large, in fact, that one in three hearing aids is manufactured by the company. They even own Rexton, another major manufacturer, and do some manufacturing and tech for American rival Miracle Ear. This size allows them to invest in research and development and provide technological innovations that are among the top in the industry.

Siemens Audiology Group has its headquarters in Singapore, and is in twenty-four countries. Headquarters in the United States is housed in Piscataway, New Jersey. With such a wide network of sellers across the globe, you can be certain to have no trouble finding a dealer or to get your Siemens hearing aids worked on.

There is a Siemens product to meet every buyers requirement and budget with product lines such as Triano, Acuris, and Prisma. Wireless connectivity has become a must for many buyers over the last few years, and with this technology, you can have sound pumped directly into your headphones whether you're receiving a phone call, listening to music via an MP3 player, or watching TV in your home. This even allows users to make use of telecoils, which are devices installed in public places such as movie theaters, concert halls, and churches that transmit sound directly into the wearers ears. Other features include batteries that can be recharged, waterproofing (you can even swim with them in), and models that fit inside the ear canal so that they are invisible to others. Pretty cool.

As is the case with any modern hearing device, Siemens hearing aids have the ability to be programmed based on the clients audiological exam. This allows the device to be fine tuned to his or her specific hearing loss whether that is mild or profound. This is important to insure the best possible hearing loss correction. Additionally, background noise can be filtered out to provide further enhancements.

With over 130 years of experience, its no wonder Siemens has been able to continually fine tune its craft to provide products that customers want and need. Odds are that they will continue to innovate throughout the 21st Century to meet the needs of populations that are living longer and longer.