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General Wellbeing :: LDS addiction recovery video: Austin’s story about drug, alcohol addiction

In the fourth video of "12 Steps to Change," a 12-video series produced by the Mormon Channel and LDS Family Services, a man named Austin shares his struggle with drug and alcohol addictions and the important role truth played in his recovery.

Austin is one of 12 individuals featured in the series who discuss their addictions and the hope they found through the LDS Addiction Recovery Program.

In the video, Austin explains how his addictions and dangerous lifestyle eventually led drug dealers to threaten his friends and family. Participating in group recovery meetings and embracing the fourth step of the program — truth — helped Austin recognize his potential.

"The fourth step helped me to see the good that was always there," Austin said in the video. "There was a lot of good. It was just hidden and buried underneath substances and habits and years of guilt, years of shame. I learned that I needed my God. I learned that I needed my brothers and sisters around me, and every time I think that it can't get any better, it does."

The Mormon Channel promoted the video Friday and will promote another video from the series each day during the first two weeks in September, which is National Recovery Month. Each video focuses on one step of the LDS Addiction Recovery Program.

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